Challenging Establishement: Is it so Unnatural?

I figured out I had to make a post about this due to all the trends lately happening on the internet and sadly NOT (unsurprisingly) on the mass media .

If we say we know how the world and our society works, we don’t know how it works. Just like Feynman said about quantum mechanics.

In this new millennium I feel there are challenges made upon our established institution, possibly driven by our inquisitive and critical mind when focusing on the strange events taken place in the last 100 years or so.

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For the Creationist Mind

Don’t mind this post if you already have your facts on evolution straight.

Creationists: Please listen and think about your current standing on this issue. It is important you learn to take all evidence in account on this matter and others as well. If not, your mind might deceive you even on other cases producing injustice and ignorance which are already weapons of mass destruction as it is.