Humans may be primed to believe in creation

Now this is some interesting news, please comment!

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For the Creationist Mind

Don’t mind this post if you already have your facts on evolution straight.

Creationists: Please listen and think about your current standing on this issue. It is important you learn to take all evidence in account on this matter and others as well. If not, your mind might deceive you even on other cases producing injustice and ignorance which are already weapons of mass destruction as it is.

Creationism? Why children have to suffer…

In this post my only and fortuitous concern are the children. Why they don’t have the right to choose what is good or what is not? This short documentary was taken by Evangelists Christians but the point isn’t that, the point is that in this particular case people don’t want to ear the facts because they don’t match with the Holy Bible. Even in the same category (Christians) we can watch they insulting to each other saying that “my religion is the right one”, I show too you latter what I’m talking about.

We need to think first, and give too children (our future descendant) the choice.  Perhaps you surprise  yourself…

I don’t go to reveal my religion deviation, but one thing is certain… I would be ashamed to belong to a religion like that.

Oh!! I almost forgot to say this… see the pretty guy in the end saying that is desire is to be Biochemist in the future to prove that evolution sucks… 😉 Hilarious