Senator Rockefeller Says The Net Should Never Have Been Invented

This is truly stupidity. Stupidity in thinking he can convince people internet is a danger for themselves.

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The 6000 year old CREATION?

Establishment says Earth has only a few thousands of years of existence. They say any attempt of science is futile because they already claim to have the whole true story. By the way Ken Ham has a salary of $178,991 by being in charge of this initiative. The money talks for itself.

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Why Christianity Fails: Christopher Hitchens

Just some interesting videos I’ve found on youtube. Think about them…

Why Hair Turns Gray Is No Longer A Gray Area: Our Hair Bleaches Itself As We Grow Older

I once wondered why hair would turn white as I was getting a hair cut, discussing it with the hairdresser. Today I can get there and explain how.

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Life Science Visualization Producers

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Here is the global distribution of all the producers I have found of state-of-the-art animations and illustrations using computer graphics such as Take the Wind, Hybrid, Nucleus, Digizyme, etc.

Here are some of their logos and respective showreels (please double click video to open in youtube in case the embedded version does not play). Click more to view:

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my first post


And it is like this that…

a new idea spreads, that ignorance dies like road kill, that unbelievers start to believe, that the 5h!t hits the fan, that a new author starts posting!

Major Valentimtim

Este post vai em português, até porque quem vir este video se não for português não vai understand rien. Este video dos Gato Fedorento está simplesmente genial, eu pensei a certa altura que eles não tinham mais hipótese desde que saíram da RTP, mas depois de ver este vídeo tive de me calar. Que grande sátira. 😉

Eles vão hoje apresentar a passagem de ano 2010 na SIC, imaginem só! Só para não copiarem a TVI e apresentar a passagem de 2009… lolol