Journey to France

I’m back my friends, not to talk about the world crash or the financial disease but to talk about the most free feeling to go on a journey alone. This time I went to France, in fact because of a scientific work that I’ve to do till 13th April, but I allways take some time to discover the new World.
The history starts in the plane when I had arrived Paris Orly (airport), I had to wait a few minutes inside the plane and then a Portuguese guy start to complaint: “Open the fucking door, god dammit!”, then the girl from the board said: “Please, be quit and wait a few more minutes”, and then the guy conclude: “Call to the Fireman mam, they will open the fuckin door! I’ve to take another plane and I’ve a meeting with a girl, and actually I’ve a reservation in the restaurant too! Open the fuk’in door…”
So, nice way to start in a new place! I felt like if I was in home. 😉
Then, I walked outside from the airport and I feet for the first time the land of the beginning of the Sun, Paris. Nothing special actually, but I didn’t had time to explore Paris and I was in the suburbs, so I should not take false conclusions. By the way my concern was, to take the BUS from Orly to Pont de Rungis… I forgot to said that my French is bad, and I had to ask for some informations. I made the first attempt in English… and what was my amazement, the girl talked with me very well in English too! Lucky day…
I arrived Pont de Rungis, and there I had to take the RER C to Gare d’Austerlitz. I went to the reception and ask for a ticket… the guy said to me: ” Je ne comprende, qu’est-ce que vous dites?” and I badly said: “Je… veux… acheter un… billet, si’l vous plait!”, and he replies: “Oh oui monsieur, un billet pour Austerlitz, je va donner maintenant l’impression!”, and I didn’t understand but ok.. the ticket was there.
(plus demain…)
Then I caught the RERC to Austerlitz, when I arrived the Gare d’Austerlitz, I search for the ticket system, but I didn’t  know why I had to pass throw a machine of passengers, and actually I couldn’t because I needed a kind of ticket that allowed me to pass. So, I went to a train officer and ask: Je voulais aller, s’il vous plait!, and the guy told me: Vous êtes du Canada?, and I said: No, no, je suis portugais!, and the guy said: Ok, ok, tu peux aller!
I don’t know if the man was afraid of the Portuguese people, or if he liked very much the Portuguese people!?
Then continuing the journey, I went in direction to Orleans, and one hour later I had arrived. I thought for a few minutes: ” This is the beggining!”, and it was actually.
(plus demain)
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One Response to “Journey to France”

  1. Joao Teixeira Says:

    Tão maricon! =D

    É bom ver este blog regressar às suas origens e ao objectivo para o qual foi criado!

    Tou a ver que começaste bem. Agora vais ter de te arranjar ai com os avecs que te lixas 😛 Não deixes que eles te acheten muito. ^^

    Vai postando

    Grande Abraço [[]]]

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