Christian the Lion

When one of the most controversial issues of our society is the animal assumption of the Human being, I fond myself caught in this video! Everybody knows that Lions are dangerous, but what we didn’t know till now is that, a true wild animal like a lion can be a real friend.  I already knew that elephants had a tremendous recognizing capacity and had indeed a good memory to cry for their descending parents. However I never seen nothing like that, first of all its very difficult to integrate a domestic lion in a wild environment, second it’s very difficult rising to be a leader of the lion clan, and at last it’s unexpectable to be received like that by a Lion King and by its wild female. What do you think about that? 😉

Thanks Paulo and Ana for sharing this video with us!


One Response to “Christian the Lion”

  1. rogeriopfm Says:

    Isto só demonstra que os animais têm uma psique bem mais complexa do que nós imaginamos, ou conseguimos imaginar. Ah grande André. Tás a melhorar no Inglês. Eu depois dou te uns ajustes para algumas incorrecções!!! HEHE

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