Life Sciences Animation State-of-the-Art Report

I am presently working on a report about the state-of-the-art in this fascinating new industry. It seems to me that it is going to take off fast thanks to the overwhelming ignorance of the general population and the enormous pressure to educate them for the good of their health, critical thinking, scientific culture,  business, legal regulation and also for the good of the environment. It is most importantly very useful to various fields of research. Here are some of the best animations I have found on the course of my search:

Note: If a video does not load here pleas click it to follow its page in youtube

This is the cover I’m currently holding to be shown on my report. What do you think about it?



5 Responses to “Life Sciences Animation State-of-the-Art Report”

  1. Molecularis Says:

    … simplesmente tripante 🙂

  2. andrefmartins Says:

    É a nova geração da tecnologia e dos videojogos a explodir. Só de pensar que à uns tempos os nossos pais diziam que o nosso futuro tava perdido, e que nós só sabiamos jogar! Cá está a prova que nós simplesmente estavamos a testar a nossa inteligência e que estavamos na realidade a dar um passo para o futuro. O Futuro dos putos das techs e da ciencia avançada. 😉

  3. rogeriopfm Says:

    thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

  4. andrefmartins Says:

    The final image, in my point of view is great.

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