There are brains that do not know when to stop eating!

There are people with weight excess  that do not know how and when their stomachs are full. A research in the North of America (Department  of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory) revealed that with images gathered from the brain (MRI)  were fond some regions that are responsible for the people satiety, before a meal. The study involved a group of 20 persons with different (ICM).

“Stimulating the sensation of satiety in the stomach (full) with a expandable balloon we verified that different regions of the brain were activated in people brains with normal weight and with excess of weight” refer Gene-Jack Wang

Every participants swallowed a balloon that, next, was getting full of water, empty and, gets full again with volumes that changes between 50 and 70%. The process was carefully monitored by the equipments that gathered the images, and the people were questioned for their different sensations.

The results show that a specific region in the brain, was less activated in people with more ICM, and more in thin participants.

“This study show us that this is the first evidence of a communication between the left amigdala and the sensation of starving when the stomach are full, it was demonstrated that the activation of that specific region nulls the need for eating” by Gene-Jack Wan


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